Death, Destruction & Other Stories For Children

by My Instant Lunch

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Death, Destruction & Other Stories For Children is My Instant Lunch's first full-length album. It is the culmination of a year's worth of writing and recording. Although many of these songs will be familiar to fans of the band's live show, their presence on record is a special treat for all.

This initial digital release of the album comes with 2 additional pieces of hand-drawn, full-color concept art by Mikaela Fuchs. Lyrics for each song are included as well.

By purchasing directly from the band, you cut out the middle man, thereby giving us financial means to make cookies and bring them to our next show for you. Not to mention addition to actually making it to that show.

Thank you for being awesome.


released March 31, 2011

©2011 All Songs Written and Performed by My Instant Lunch.

My Instant Lunch is:

Adam Kronowski: Drums, BGV
Jordan Lucas: Guitar, Vocals
Danny Rankin: Bass, Vocals
Michael Ray: Keyboards, BGV

Carl Purdy: Violin on "A Prelude of Space"

Tracks 1-6, 10 & 11 recorded, mixed and engineered by Mike Froedge at Open Sky Studio, Atlanta, GA.

Tracks 7-9 recorded, mixed and engineered by Nick Duke in various houses and apartments throughout the United States.

Mastered by Glenn Schick and Colin Leonard at Glenn Schick Mastering, Atlanta, GA.
All Songs Written by My Instant Lunch except for "Last Night Was The End Of The World" written by Andrew Sterling and Harry Von Tilzer.

Artwork by Mikaela Fuchs.


all rights reserved



My Instant Lunch Augusta, Georgia

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Track Name: Last Night Was The End Of The World
My dream is o'er, to live no more. Last night was the end of the world.
Track Name: Sirens
Beware lads, Beware the song
The sea is filled with men who failed to fear
though her voice is masked with beauty
violence is her native tongue
and before the waves entomb you
you’ll hear

Oh! Oh!
I have to hear the siren’s call
Tie me to the mast
and cover your ears with wax

There’s no returning from a briny grave
a life traded for a moments ecstasy
the souls we’ve lost to sirens on the air
sing their warnings from below the sea

Oh! Oh!
Beware my son!
I hear the siren call
It’s so beautiful
and it’s calling me back home

Woe is me
and he who follows me
Track Name: Bury My Bones
Come bury my bones
come bury my bones
bury my bones, so I won’t feel alone

Below the ground
I hear the sound
of my friends and family
bury my bones so I wont feel alone

The soil has taken my body
and reduced it to dust and oil
now my only recourse is to make my home
in the soil

So come bury my bones
come bury my bones
bury my bones so I won’t feel alone
Track Name: No Time (Second Hand Song)
Second hand sing to me
something loud and clear
pendulum swing to me
hold me ever near
Tell me of a secret
tired mystery
how to lay my hands on what I cannot see

as we kill each other
what we’ll discover

time moves slow and steady
and we’re chasing
moments gone already
now it feels like there’s no time

clockwork messenger
tells me of a turning sphere
hourglass signature
past and present disappear
hunting after something
searching empty space
looking after something
time could not erase

as we kill each other
what we’ll discover

time moves slow and steady
and we’re chasing
moments gone already
now it feels like there’s no time

there is no time
there is no time
time moves on without me
Track Name: Into The Sea
Toil in earth and soil for far too long,
I can hear the tides call out to me.
Turn my back to shore and leave the dust behind,
I’m jumping headlong in the sea

Hold me
Hold me under (the sea)

Sink or swim she said
and I decide
daylight fades behind me as I dive
Cold hands come
remove the breath from me
below the surface I find I’m alive
I’m alive!

Hold me
Hold me under

Pull me
Pull me Into the Sea

Tides they fall like kings and queens
Noiseless calm
Embracing Sleep

Ebb and flow
Still the squall
Sink or swim
Rise or fall

Hold me
Hold me under the sea.
Track Name: Fire
Fire so bright and so clear
you think it’s a toy, but it’s not
it’s something to be feared
so enjoy it while you can,
while you hold it in your hand
but remember stop drop and roll

Light it up
and smile
as the smoke rolls through the town
we’ll be dancing in the ashes as it all comes burning down
playing with fire seemed like such a good idea
who knew that burning homes was such a promising career?

Voice of Reason
hold your ground
play with fire
burn it down

Forget all those lessons learned
strike a match and watch it burn
don’t forget what mother said
play with fire, soon be dead
make your own emergency
gain a sense of urgency!

Burn it down!

Voice of reason
Hold your ground
play with fire
burn it down
Track Name: On The Mountain
Open up your eyes little children
See there’s corruption all around
there’s blood in the streets of this city
as we lose ourselves in the crowd

So let’s run to the mountain
And we’ll learn what our arms and legs are for
And we’ll live forever more

Gather your belonging as the time is growing thin
we need to disappear before the daylight settles in
Don’t worry ‘bout that screaming that you hear from far behind
‘Cause the family that’s around you is in the
hands of the Divine

And we’ll live
up on the mountain
and we’ll leave for distant shores
and we’ll live forever more

Listen precious babies
don’t be troubled in your mind
your fates will be much better than the ones we left behind
as molten holy judgment comes a’rainin from the sky
no matter how you’re tempted don’t you turn to say goodbye

say goodbye

an we’ll run to the mountain
and we’ll learn what our arms and legs are for
and we’ll live forever more
forever more
Track Name: A Tale Of Space
So gather friends, you'll hear the strife
of an Astronaut and his trophy wife
a broken word, a fall from grace
Give ear and heed this tale of space

Don't you know who I am?
A hero of the space program
I'm a treasure of the USA
But you want to break the rules
make me look like a fool
Are you trying to throw it all away?

Your addictions are embarassing
The alcohol, the gambling
I grit my teeth whe you're around
They say "Get that wife of yours in line"
or find yourself with lots of time
To watch the shuttle from the ground

So I wont cry
as I reach for the sky

A trophy wife I swore to be
when I was twenty-three
you told me you would hold me high
But now my surface starts to rust
I am collecting dust
You love that program more than I

Your pretty wife's become a wreck
alcohol a side effect
of too many nights alone
But don't you worry Ethan dear
Just go to space and disappear
I'll fill the void you left at home

No I won't cry
As you reach for the sky

Don't be afraid of the space that you leave
as you depart for space unknown
If you create a vacuum in the place you should be
It'll be there when you return home

The threats became much more severe
The general had made it clear:
"Lose the girl
or lose your chance at Mars"

So on that day a plan was hatched
The wife would be dispatched
While he departed for the stars

He'd hear the news when he returned
About their home and how it burned
and with the cameras on he'd grieve

But left to vices all alone
she'd done some plotting of her own
She had betrayal up her sleeve

So I won't cry
As you reach for the sky


Now you've heard this couples woes
Learn something from this tale
Devote your heart to something else
Your love is soon to fail

But if the damage has been done
and love has lost it's place
don't ever give your lover
too much space
Track Name: War!
Listen to those yearnings in your core
Step into the darkness you’ve been longing to explore
The enemies are chosen and the battle lines are drawn
now you’re gone, gone, gone

Generals choose your men
and let the games begin
decisions that you make
lives could be at stake

In a war
We need more
Surrender your guns and your time and children and ammunition
Because this is a war
We need more!
So raise your flag in your fist and prepare for that old tradition
because this is a war.

You heard the warnings
you saw the signs
and in the morning, the prophet reminded you of your crimes
you turned away as you saw the flash
conviction turned your bones to ash
you were gone gone gone
and the war rages on and on

so generals choose your men
and let the games begin
decisions that you make
your pride could be at stake

Because happiness is a warm gun in my hand

In a war
We need more
So raise your flag in your fist and your children as ammunition
Because this is a war
We need more!
Gather round, it’s time to begin
The battlefield is right out your door
This is a war.
Track Name: Lullaby (Go To Sleep)
Sweet child
close your eyes
Go to sleep
dream of older times
years gone by

close out the death around
wake to see another day
hold tight your father’s hand
go to sleep

Shut out the day of fear
Draw in
I’ll hold you near
Close eyes and pray for peace
Go to sleep